School Trips

Throughout their time at Rivacre Valley, our children have the opportunity to attend lots of school trips to local places of interest as well as residential trips in Key Stage 2.


This year, years 3 and 4 are visiting Barnstondale Education Centre. While they are there, they will enjoy a number of outdoor activities such as abseiling, search and rescue and archery!

Click on the letter to see the information letter and the backpack for the kit list so you know what to pack! You can also visit the website to find out more about the centre.


Barnstondale Information Letter          Barnstondale Kit List            Barstondale Website             

             Letter.jpg                     Bag.jpg                     Barnstondale Centre   




In Year 5, children visit PGL at Boreatton Park to take part in outdoor and adventurous activities. Visit the website to see the fun children can have. 

Adventure holiday centre near Shrewsbury told to improve in 17 areas -  including ensuring children are safe from harm | Shropshire Star  IMG_6980.jpg  IMG_6987.jpg  ESMP4529.JPG WOOQ5559.JPG TIYS5400.JPG JCNY1262.JPG  EGBZ5011.JPG  CAFU4963.JPG  CZOZ2074.JPG  DNBT4917.JPG  IMG_6912.jpg  IMG_7068.jpg


Click on the link to view this year's permission letter: PGL Permission Letter 2024

Click on the images below to view the recent PGL parent presentation and the kit list:

PGL Travel Logo Vector - (.SVG + .PNG) - SearchLogoVector.Com     What to pack for a school trip| Wildchild Adventure  




In Year 6, our children spend four days in our capital city. We visit The London Bridge Experience, Buckingham Palace, Museums, the theatre, The Tower of London, The London Eye and even take a high-speed tour on the River Thames. What an experience!

Here are some of the photos of our 2023 trip (with more on our Facebook page):  

 47ae8e57-81fa-4d0d-89db-522996083934.jpg  48d0d867-85a6-49cc-b088-0bee5b0b6275.jpg  7ef6b146-5204-4bc5-b95d-fef66fb8a3bc.jpg  9d29a2ba-9cf6-4192-b01a-870c30e025f8.jpg  IMG_4301.jpg  IMG_4309.jpg  IMG_4327.jpg  IMG_4352.jpg  IMG_4416.jpg  




a8ce87ef-cd60-4dc5-8f4e-c3030d567eb7.jpg  IMG_4367.jpg  IMG_4349.jpg  IMG_4343.jpg 86045931-047b-413e-9b7d-c3cf6f06c867.jpg     

Click on the link to view this year's permission letter: London Letter 2024 


Click on:

  1. The image of London to see the information letter.
  2. The Powerpoint logo for the powerpoint information.
  3. The suitcase for the kit list so you know what to pack!

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