We were informed of this lovely post on Pride in the Port on Facebook from one of our parents:


"If anyone is struggling considering schools for next year please look at Rivacre Valley primary... My son has autism and had a horrific reception year at ___________ primary...I moved him this school year to Rivacre Primary and what a difference...I immediatley encountered inclusion love and care for my boy...This head teacher is outstanding...Doing above and beyond for a child who needs understanding...This school in my eyes requires an outstanding status...This woman needs recognition...#pleaseconsiderrivacre". 13 /12/19


We received this lovely email in March of 2022 from one of our parents:

I just wanted to say thank you for the effort with making the Mother’s Day card. I absolutely loved it, (Name) was so pleased and proud... and so she should be!I think it would make a huge difference to whoever looks after a child to receive a card, they might have no one else at home. Hats off to taking pictures of all of a bunch of 5/6 year olds, cutting it out, making the card and sitting with them writing it out. Not an easy or quick task! All that along side school work. Phew! I always keep anything (Name)  does, no matter how big or small, I did the same with my Son (now 21!) it’s so nice to look back and remember, and to show (Name) now how far she has come from way back to nursery and reception.I don’t think some people appreciate how much teachers/teaching assistants etc put in the extra effort and support to our children on a daily basis, it might only be card but it’s the thought and organisation that puts a smile not only on the grown ups but our little ones faces too, along with a basic feeling they did something to be proud of.Thing is, it’s a shame but other schools haven’t done this.Thank you once again, I’ve said it before but I’m constantly reminded why we knew your school was for (Name)  and us.Have a great day


A parent sent us this lovely email in July 2022:

Good Morning,

We wanted to thank all the staff at Rivacre Valley for the last two years and the amazing impact you have all had on S___. Also, the support you have given for S___ to attend Cheerleading competitions. 

So, after the excitement of winning the place to compete in the USA next year, we wanted to share with you more good news. Out of ~400 athletes, S___ was awarded Cheerleader of the Year last night, by the coaches at Airborn Allstars.

We are so proud of how she has approached her first season at this level, stepping up, down and sideways whenever the coaches have asked, trusting it to be the best thing for the team/s, even when it was tough personally. 

Thank you all for being part of making the last 2 years such a positive experience.

Best Wishes,

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