Parent Courses

As part of our Commiunity Store Cupboard, we run a monthly 'cookery class'. This will be on a Monday straight after school in the school hall. [Children are welcome to join.]
Once a month, Miss Jones and Mrs Colclough will demonstrate how to prepare and cook an easy, affordable and nutritious dish that tastes delicious! At the end of the demonstration, you will be given the ingredients to take home and cook your own! The meat for the recipes each month are donated by Iceland foods.
Here are the recipes we plan to share: Menu List 
Please share photos of your culinary creations on our Twitter page. Here are some photos from our first cooking class.
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In our second cooking class, our families enjoyed Moroccan chicken and chicken and vegetable soup.
In our third cooking class, our families enjoyed homemade cottage pie and cottage pie stuffed jacket potatoes. 
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