How will you maintain a safe and clean environment?

O    Outside every classroom we have hand sanitiser dispensers – children will be encouraged to use these every time they enter the classroom. Children will also be encouraged to clean / wash their hands regularly throughout the school day and at specific times:

  • when they arrive at school
  • when they return from breaks
  • when they return from another room / area of school
  • before and after eating
  • Also told to wash hands after coughing / sneezing / or have used a tissue


We have extended our cleaner hours to enable more frequent cleaning throughout the school day.  Each  h class / teaching space has a cleaning trolley and children will be encouraged to help keep their work spaces clean throughout the school day.

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D Doors will be kept open to avoid touching handles and where they can't be kept open (e.g. fire doors and toilets) more regular cleaning will take place.

By keeping children in fixed class groups, that don't mix, we will reduce risk of cross contamination.    hared equipment in subjects like Art, IT and Science will be cleaned before being returned to central storage. Classes will have their own play / sport & PE equipment for their class only.

I am sure you will understand that while cleaning regimes will be much enhanced, we can't guarantee every piece of equipment can be cleaned between children touching them.


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