Should my household self-isolate?

So far, we have recommended additional measures (e.g. face coverings in communal areas, restricted activities etc.) on a case-by-case basis, but in view of the high and rising case rates in the borough and in our neighbouring local authority areas, we are now advising our primary schools to suggest to parents and carers that if one individual in a household tests positive, any children in that household who attend school should:


•               • Take a PCR test (ideally on Day 3-5 after first exposure), and

•               • Take a daily LFD test for 10 consecutive days from the date of first exposure

•               • Continue to attend school provided that their test results (PCR and LFD) are negative


•               • Self-isolate for 10 full days from the date of the test if any of their test results are positive

•               • In the event of a positive LFD test result, obtain a confirmatory PCR test

•               • If the confirmatory PCR test is taken within the two days following the positive LFD result and PCR result is negative,  the young person can return to school.


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